Transfer Membranes


GE Osmonics is your complete source of filters, especially transfer membranes and blotting paper designed, manufactured and tested specifically for RNA, DNA and protein analysis. GE Osmonics also provides tried and proven protocols developed to obtain consistent reproducible and dependable results when used with GE Osmonics membranes.

Nitrocellulose Supported Transfer Membranes Outperforms unsupported nitrocellulose when extensively reprobing or performing colony and plaque lift. Some of the applications include DNA, RNA, and protein assays.

Nitrocellulose Pure Transfer Membranes Membrane of choice used for all protein or immunoblotting applications. Protocol for Westerns are in the library.

PVDF Transfer Membranes Naturally hydrophobic, unsupported PVDF has the highest binding capacity for western transfers, amino acid analysis and protein sequencing.

Nylon Reprobing Charged Transfer Membranes Next generation and outperforms previous membranes with high signal strength and low background attributes. Inherently charged nylon membrane. Tested and performs well with radioactive or non-radioactive procedures.

Nylon Positively Charged Transfer Membranes GE Nylon Charged membranes may be used for southerns, northerns and alkaline transfers.

Nylon Neutral Transfer Membranes GE Nylon transfer membrane may be used where a neutral or single probe test is desired.

Nylon Lift Transfer Membranes GE Nylon Lift may be used for colony and plaque lifts.

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