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Labquip can supply you with a range of high-quality laboratory glassware for research, analytical testing, teaching and more. We stock a range of branded, professional grade glassware, boasting excellent strength, reliability and stability, superior chemical and contaminant resistance, and the ability to withstand sudden changes in temperature. These properties are essential in the laboratory and be all the difference between success and failure. With competitive pricing and excellent service, LabQuip has all your needs covered. Browse our online store and find what you need, or call us today and we'll help you get your lab equipped.

The products we stock are used all over Australia in fields ranging from chemistry and microbiology to metallurgy and mechanical engineering. If you're unsure of what you need for your lab, the team at LabQuip will be happy to help. We're one of Melbourne's most trusted lab equipment suppliers, and work with the some of the best brands in the business. We know lab equipment, and we're sure we can get your laboratory up and running asap.

Our Laboratory Glassware

We stock a range of volumetric glassware, including flasks and condensers, made from Pyrex/Duran Glass 3.3 class. Laboratory glassware is separated into several categories, including basic glassware, flasks, funnels and separators, condensers and measuring tools.

Category Description
Basic Glassware This category covers your standard lab equipment. Test tubes, boiling tubes and beakers. These are the bare minimum you will need for a lab, as they enable the movement and manipulation of liquids.
Flasks Flasks come in several shapes and sizes, each with a different purpose. The basic one many will know is the conical – or Erlenmeyer – flask. These are fantastic for swirling and boiling liquids without having to worry about the contents spilling out. Most other flasks are rounded, and each has a different purpose. Rounded flasks are ideal for heating, as their design allows heat to be spread evenly, which makes them useful for distilling and measuring.
Funnels Funnels are an essential part of a laboratory toolkit, as they aid in filtration, separation and safe manipulation of liquid. Used in conjunction with flasks, funnels uses are limitless.
Condensers These devices are useful for distillation and are often used as components of a more complete distillation set-up. They work by running coolant around a tube of vapor, condensing the vapor into a liquid.
Class A Volumetric Glassware - Measuring Glass Several pieces of the glassware we stock are for measuring and storage. Pipettes, burettes, graduated cylinders and Nessler tubes all have their uses but are primarily used for measuring liquid volume. These kinds of apparatus come in a large variety of sizes and can be attached to other glassware for additional uses.

LabquipSales-On-Line is Pleased to bring you this High quality range of Lab Glassware @ Low Prices.
Pyrex/Duran type glass products from LabquipSales On-Line are Heat resistant and used in the chemistry, petrochemistry, food industry, energetic, metallurgy, health care, microbiology, pharmacy, mechanical engineering industry and laboratories.

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