Nitropure Nitrocellulose Transfer Membrane

Combines the binding characteristics of nitrocellulose with the strength of nylon
  • Outperforms nitrocellulose in extended handling applications
  • Extremely strong and dimensionally stable hybridization membrane
  • Ideal for RNA and DNA transfers

Unique process of impregnating pure nitrocellulose polymer onto an inert web produces a very strong, dimensionally stable hybridization membrane. The inert web provides the strength to prevent curling, cracking and tearing even after baking. Pure nitrocellulose ensures the highest binding membrane- approximately 100 µg/cm2. No cellulose acetate or other additives are present to lower binding capacity. Ideal for any application where nitrocellulose has been used in the past. All membranes are Triton-free and do not contain any other cytotoxins. Available in sheets, rolls or circles, all with 0.45 µm pore size.

Cat.No. Type Dimensions
WP Circle 82 mm
4313T27 Circle 85 mm
4313T29 Circle 132 mm
4313T31 Circle 137 mm
4313T33 Sheet 4 x 5.25 cm
4313T37 Sheet 15 x 15 cm
4313T39 Sheet 20 x 20 cm
4313T41 Sheet 22 x 22 cm
4313T43 Sheet 30 x 30 cm
4313T45 Sheet 30 x 50 cm
4313T47 Roll 15 cm x 3 m
4313T49 Roll 20 cm x 3 m
4313T51 Roll 30 cm x 3 m

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