Furnaces Muffle

Small Form Muffle Furnaces are a light-weight, compact solution for laboratories where space is limited. These universal furnaces are designed for material testing, heat treatment such as hardening, loosening, normalising and ceramic and stoneware firing up to 1100ºC,

These furnaces are constructed from powder coated steel exteriors with a one pice high thermal efficiency vacuum formed ceramic fibre chamber, with elements embedded within four sides.
All models feature a lift up safety door with safety cut of when the door is opened during operation and a ceramic bottom plate.

Model SF-3-SD SF-8-SD SF-13-SD SF-22-SD SF-39-SD
Volume 3 8.2 13 22 39
Internal Dimensions WDH (mm) 125x200x115 200x300x133 225x360x180 275x500x155 315x515x225
External Dimensions WDH (mm) 340x470x430 440x620x510 500x700x550 600x890x610 649x899x739
Temperature Maximum 1100ºC
Continuous Operating Temperature T+10-1100ºC
Temperature Stability ±1ºC
Temperature Uniformity ±10ºC
Working Chamber Material Fibre Muffle
Maximum Heating Time (mins) 35 50 50 50 50
Power (W) 1700 1800 1800 3000 6000
Power Supply 240V/50Hz
Weight (kg) 18 28 38 58 74

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