PVDF-PLUS Transfer Membrane

Designed by Osmonics Msi for Western transfers, amino acid analysis, and protein sequencing, this naturally hydrophilic, unsupported polyvinylidene fluoride transfer membrane delivers high binding capacity with low backgrounds. With minimal lot-to-lot variation and "bald spot" problems, PVDF-PLUS assures reproducible results with superb sensitivity.

Proteins can be electroblotted from a variety of gel matrices onto PVDF-PLUS and will not pass through the membrane. It can be used for efficient transfer of proteins ranging in molecular weight from 5k to 700k daltons. The binding capacity of PVDF-PLUS averages 125µg/cm2 for larger globular proteins such as immunoglobulins with higher capacities for small peptides.

PVDF-PLUS's chemical compatibility allows its use with all common stains, such as Amido Black, Colloidal Gold, Coomassie Blue, India Ink, and Porceau-S. The membrane will not degrade, distort, or shrink when used with high concentrations of methanol for destaining.

0.45µm pore size. Available in sheets and rolls. For 0.1µm and 0.2µm pore sizes, contact Customer Service Tel: 1300-Labquip


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