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Labquip Laboratory Supplies

Labquip Is a privately Owned Company Which Offers A World Of Service!
Product Range Includes: Equipment Locally and Internally Manufactured and With a Large Range Of Glass & Plastic Consumables Glass blowing and Equipment made by SEM Equipment We offer a complete range for your Analytical, Life Sciences, Research or Educational Laboratory requirements.

We Are Trusted By World’s
Leading Organisations

Quality Lab Products

Labquip is committed to providing the highest quality and wide range of lab equipment for the success of your organisation.

Innovative Designs

Labquip offers lab products manufactured from innovative designs and from the most trustworthy brands available in the market.

Buy Laboratory Supplies Melbourne

LabQuip is the number one choice for laboratory supplies Melbourne. We stock a wide range of lab equipment, including glass and plastic items, consumables, blown glass and SEM made equipment.

We can supply equipment for analytical sciences, life science, research or educational laboratory requirements.

Browse our entire range online and choose the product that's right for you.

We're committed to providing the highest quality products, and dedicated to the success of your organisation. We manufacture our equipment internally and source from local manufacturers, choosing only the most trustworthy brands in the market.

Our Popular Products



Laboratory Freezers

Cold storage is an important part of lab operation. Keeping chemical and samples at the right temperature helps with preservation and protection. We stock freezers that can maintain a temperature between –15 and –20 degrees, to suit your needs.

Laboratory Glassware

We stock glassware for all your lab equipment needs. Choose from a wide range of generic and specialised equipment, including beakers, flasks and condensers, to enviro-glassware, powder and liquid dispensers and more.

Magnetic Stirrer and Hot Plates

Our magnetic stirrers and hotplates are among the best you'll find. We have several kinds of hot plates suited to a variety of needs. Browse our range and choose the one that's right for you.

Lab Ovens

We have a range of lab ovens suited to general and specific uses. Our oven features stable and strict temperature control, and can be used for any required operation, from drying glassware safely to complex heating applications. Browse our range of ovens, incubators and more here.

Syringe Filters

Syringe filters are an essential part of lab work, aiding in sterilisation and clean work. They can be used for prefiltration, sample preparation, sterile filtration, laboratory filtration and gas venting. Find the one that's right for you here.

Only the Best Laboratory Supplies Melbourne

We create innovative products and solutions to meet our customer's needs. We analyse the market for patterns, opportunities and need and aim to meet them as best we can, generating solutions for laboratory supplies Melbourne.

If you're in need of specialised lab equipment, don't hesitate to ask our team about which product would be right for you. We can help you choose between equipment models, and break down the barriers and technical jargon that can make lab equipment inaccessible to general consumers. We're your local lab equipment experts. Let us help you reduce the time it takes to resource your laboratory and get you up and running sooner.

Shipping Australia Wide

We offer shipping throughout Australia and pride ourselves on being able to offer a fast and effective service. We can have your products shipped out to you within the week, often in three days.

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