MagnaGraph Nylon Membranes

Biochemically optimized for superior results when performing Southern, Northern, and Western blotting techniques, colony and plaque transfers, and other sensitive immobilization techniques. Recommended for chemiluminescent and biotintylated detection systems, as well as the hybridization of single copy sequences, exceptionally small fragments and instances when multiple reprobings are needed. Also useful in nucleic acid transfers using buffers such as 20 x SSC, 1 x TAE and 0.5 x TBE.

MagnaGraph Nylon membranes create a permanent and stable binding capacity for the binding of fragments as small as 10 base pairs. They form a stable and permanent ligand with more than 550µg of DNA, RNA or protein per cm2 of membrane surface. They can also be used as a matrix for electrophoretically transferred Northern blots.

Available in two pore sizes, MagnaGraph membranes have high thermal and dimensional stability and will not shrink, curl, crack, tear, or break when handled.


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