The IJ SERIES … looks different … is different

IJ-14 Intermediate Junction Series

IJ-40A Double Junction Ag/AgCl/Sat KCl Gel





IJ-64 HT




Purpose built from day one ... here are some facts about Ionode's IJ SERIES.
  • You'll find an IJ sensor to suit most applications and parameters including pH, REDOX and ion specific determinations such as fluoride, chloride, iodide, bromide, cyanide and others.
  • IJ are unequalled in water, food, wine, dairy, contaminated samples, industrial and mining applications and the harshest of laboratory environments.
  • IJ are tough ... try the drop test on any other sensor !
  • IJ have unique junction mechanics which protect the primary reference from the contamination associated with traditional gel electrodes whilst providing the low maintenance and long life of a refillable sensor.
  • The intermediate junction is easily and quickly cleaned and electrolyte renewed to defeat contamination.
  • Users can optimise the electrolyte to suit their sample.
  • Hardened spear membrane makes it ideal for direct penetration into cheese, cured meats and much more.
  • IJ are perfect for non-aqueous measurements and titrations.
  • IJ are a safer and more simple choice for replacing calomel sensors.
  • IJ have no hazardous mercury and fit directly into an Eppendorf tube for life science and pharmaceutical applications.
  • Highly resistant to clogging from fats, proteins and solids.
  • Ground glass annular junction is super-sensitive and time proven in difficult samples.
  • Poypropylene or Kynar construction.

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