Water Bath Shakers

Water Bath Shakers

The latest ZWY-110X series reciprocal water bath shaker combines unmatched reliability and durability.

It delivers superior temperature control and uniformity with a smooth shaking motion. Bath temperature is controlled to an accuracy of ±0.1°C by a P.I.D microprocessor controller for optimum reproducible bath conditions. Dual thermostats provide optimum protection for your work and water bath.

The steeply gabled lid and inward-sloped tank rim allow condensate to drain neatly back into the bath, preventing condensate from dripping onto the samples.


• Solid electric drive mechanism provides uniform and quiet agitation and enables continuous 24 hour operation.
• Water bath temperature is monitored and controlled over the entire range with an accuracy of ±0.1ºC with P.I.D temperature controller.
• Easy-to-read LCD digital display provides a user-friendly interface which helps minimize errors in establishing running conditions.
• Non-volatile memory retains preset parameters during a power failure and restarts unit automatically after the power is restored.
• Heat loss and evaporation is minimized with the use of finely electro-polished stainless steel gabled lid cover.(Standard on ZWY-series units, without lid for ZWYK series units)
• High quality #304 stainless steel for excellent durability of interiors and its parts.
• Standard stainless steel tray, without clamps



Model ZWY-110X30 ZWYK-110X30 Zwy-110X50 ZWYK-110X50
Volume (L) 30 50
Gable Lid Included Yes No Yes No
Shaking Mode Recipricol
Temperature range (ºC) Ambient -99.9
Temperature Accuracy ±0.1ºC
Temerature Uniformity ±0,2ºC at 37ºC  100rpm
Timer 1 minute to 500 hours
Stroke (mm) 16 (default setting), 24
Speed Range 20-180
Tray (mm) WxD) 434 x 256 494 x 316
Capacity Glass dimensions may reduce maximum capacity
50ml 15 24
100ml 15 24
250ml 11 15
500ml 6 11
1000ml - 6
Inner Dimensions (mm) WxDxH) 508 x 300 x 198 568 x 360 x 250
Exterior Dimensions (mm) WxDxH) 732 x 348 x 342 792 x 408 x 392
Packing Dimensions 860 x 470 x 500 920 x 530 x 550
Net/Gross Weight (kg) 18/24 23/30
Power (W) 1600 2000
Electricity 220-240V 50/60Hz
Approval CE, ISO

Order Information

ZWY-110X30 30L, Reciprocal Water Bath Shaker, A-99.9, 20-180rpm, with lid P8003 T Clamp, S/S, for 250ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
ZWYK-110X30 30L, Reciprocal Water Bath Shaker, A-99.9, 20-180rpm, no lid P8014 T Clamp, S/S, for 300ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
ZWY-110X50 50L, Reciprocal Water Bath Shaker, A-99.9, 20-180rpm, with lid P8004 T Clamp, S/S, for 500ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
ZWYK-110X50 50L, Reciprocal Water Bath Shaker, A-99.9, 20-180rpm, no lid P8005 T Clamp, S/S, for 750ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
P6014 Tray for ZWY/ZWYK-110X30, S/S* P8006 T Clamp, S/S, for 1000ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
P6015 Tray for ZWY/ZWYK-110X50, S/S P8010 Tube Rack S/S
P7015 Universal Tray for ZWY/ZWYK-110X30 P8011 Tube Rack ABS Plastic
P7016 Universal Tray for ZWY/ZWYK-110X50 P8012 Clamp for 96 Well Plate, S/S
P8001 T Clamp, S/S, for 50ml Flask, with Spring Retainer P8015 Gable Lid for ZWYK-110X30
P8002 T Clamp, S/S, for 100ml Flask, with Spring Retainer P8016 Gable Lid for ZWYK-110X50
P8013 T Clamp, S/S, for 150ml Flask, with Spring Retainer *S/S: Stainless Steel