Vacuum Ovens 12L

- Double wall construction with stainless steel rectangular working chamber.

- Self compensating door seal with silicone rubber gasket.

- Exterior finished in scratch resistant baked enamel.

- Walls insulated with fibreglass.

- Observation window 200 x 200 mm wide made of tempered glass 10 mm thick allows a full view of the oven working space.

Choice of single perforated aluminium shelf located centrally or two shelves spaced 70mm apart.

- Elements are mounted on an aluminium surround against the outer walls of the stainless steel working chamber.

- Two needle valves with insulated handles for vacuum and bleed use are mounted on the top of the oven with a vacuum gauge.

- Operating controls and a pilot light are located beneath the oven door.

- Temperature is controlled by a thermostat.

- Solid state control for finer temperature differential and easier temperature setting can be fitted if required.

- All solid state control ovens fitted with overtemp cutout thermostat.


Temperature Control Thermostat Analog Solid State Digital Solid State
Catalogue No. VAC12 VAC12A VAC12D
Temperature Range 35 to 200°C Ambient to 200°C Ambient to 200°C
Temperature Sensitivity Approximately 2°C 1°C 0.5°C
Number of Shelves 1 or 2 1 or 2 1 or 2
Internal Size HxWxD 200x200x300 mm 200x200x300 mm 200x200x300 mm
External Size HxWxD 480x340x420 mm 480x340x420 mm 480x340x420 mm
Working Volume 12L 12L 12L
Power Rating 650W, 240V, 50Hz 650W, 240V, 50Hz 650W, 240V, 50Hz

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