SPE Accessories

SPE Accessories


Frits for SPE Cartridges

※ Clean 20um Polyethylene frits for SPE cartridges
※ Made with clean polyethylene for clean extracts
※ Polyethylene frits are precut to fit into our column or custom packing needs

Empty SPE Cartridges

※ Made with clean polypropylene for cleanextracts
※ Unufirn batch-to-batch for clean extracts
※ Available in sizes from 1 to 6 ml

Descripition Qty
80100 SPE Manifold needles, polpyropylene 12/pk
80101 SPE Manifold needles, polpyropylene 24/pk
80102 SPE Manifold needles, staninless steel 12/pk
80103 SPE Manifold needles, staninless steel 24/pk
80104 Female Luer Fittings 2/pk
80105 Male Luer Fittings 2/pk
80106 Support posts for rack 3/pk
80107 Legs for cover 4/pk
80108 Vacuum gauge & valve assembly 1/pk
80109 Valve assembly only 1/pk
80110 Vacuum gauge 1/pk
80111 Retaining clips 12/pk
80113 Retaining clips 24/pk
80112 Vacuum manifold plugs 50/pk
80114 Adapter Caps for 1,3,6ml SPE Tubes 10/pk
80201 Larger volume sampler 4/pk
T01-010 Empty 1ml SPE tube 100/pk
T03-010 Empty 3ml SPE tube 100/pk
T06-010 Empty 6ml SPE tube 100/pk
F01-010 Frits for 1ml SPE tube 100/pk
F03-010 Frits for 3ml SPE tube 100/pk
F06-010 Frits for 6ml SPE tube 100/pk

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