SP-2100 Laboratary pH/ORP Meter

Easy to use and dual types of calibration The SP-2100 combines the tuning calibration and microprocessor auto calibration technology. The tuning calibration starts from zero point cal. to slope cal. which provides a vivid idea about the calibration principle for education purpose. The auto calibration applies up to 3-points TECH. buffer calibration method to meet the requirement of qualified inspection labs. The meter inherits our reliable technology which features in accurate, reliable and easy to use functions. Features:
  • Microprocessor control with human engineering design
  • Auto self-test function, error code indication
  • Large LCD display with backlight function
  • Temperature compensation with PT-1000 or NTC probe with auto
  • recognition and temperature correction function
  • Auto-Read function
  • Two kinds of calibration:
  • Built-in TECH. Buffer automatic recognition, up to 3-point auto calibration, showing offset and slope after calibration
  • Manual knob-adjustment calibration RS-232 interface compatible with MODBUS protocol

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