Siltex Mega 22

The Siltex - autoclaves fulfill the strict stipulations of the “Class S” according the Standard EN 13060. Mega 22 - autoclaves are high-tech autoclaves which have been examined by an accredited testing laboratory.

The Siltex 23 S+ is thereby suited for the sterilization of wrapped, simple hollow instruments where the diameter is greater than the length and small quantities of textiles, also wrapped.

The required documentation of the sterilization cycles is carried out over the built-in interface connection to the report printer MELAprint 42 or to the connection to the practice PC. The documentation software MELAwin developed by MELAG is required for this.

Additionally, it is possible to connect the MELAflash CF Card Printer used to save the sterilization records on the MELAflash CF Card. The sterilization records can be read out on every PC with the MELAflash CF-Card Reader.

For the optimal employment of the chamber, you can select from three mountings: the mounting C for 6 trays or for 3 standard tray cassettes is standard. Likewise different sterilization containers are available.

Technical Data

Outside dimensions: Width: 42.5 cm x Depth: 66 cm x Height: 48.5 cm
Chamber: ø 25 x 45 cm, volume 22 litres
Tray: Width: 19 cm x Depth: 42 cm x Height: 2 cm
Weight: 43 kg
Power supply:
230 Volt / 50 Hz / 2,300 Watt

2 year warranty on parts and labour

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