Siltex MaxiPlus 20

The Siltex Pratika S is a vacuum assisted sterilizer for more efficient sterilizing and dying.


  • Pre-Programmed Cycle Lengths
  • Type S sterilizing
  • 20 litre chamber
  • 121ºC or 134ºC sterilizing cycles
  • Closed door drying cycle
  • Digital temperature readout
  • Printer option available
  • Thermal cut-out safety switches
  • External waste water dump tank7 litre chamber
  • inbuilt SD card for electronic backup
  • SD card reader

Technical specs

  • Unit dimensions: 45 x 39 x 58cm (w x h x d)
  • Unit weight: 45kg
  • Chamber capacity: 20 Litre - 24cm diameter, 43cm length
  • 5 litre external dump tank
  • 240V, 10A power outlet required


Sterilizer comes with circular rack system and 4 trays, tray handle, 2 wire racks, dump tank and technical manual. Printers require one additional power point, and connect directly to the sterilizer. (Code: 410-00-00)

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