Nitrobind Nitrocellulose Transfer Membrane

Unsupported nitrocellulose membrane for all protein or immunoblotting applications
  • Does not contain cellulose acetate
  • High binding and sensitivity (≈100 µg/cm2)
  • Easily blocked

Pure nitrocellulose exhibits the highest sensitivity with very low backgrounds in all transfers, especially in protein blotting. Unlike PVDF, nitrocellulose wets out naturally, does not require methanol and will not turn hydrophobic during the transfer process. Easily blocked, nitrocellulose does not need the many blocking steps required with PVDF. Excellent results with all detection systems: antibody/antigen, radiolabeled, biotinylated and chemiluminescent for extreme flexibility in procedure design.

No. Type Dimensions Pore Size (µm)
4313T75 Circle 82 mm dia. 0.45
4313T77 Circle 85 mm dia. 0.45
4313T79 Circle 132 mm dia. 0.45
4313T81 Circle 137 mm dia. 0.45
4313T83 Sheet 4 x 5.25" 0.45
4313T85 Sheet 15 x 15 cm 0.45
4313T87 Sheet 20 x 20 cm 0.45
4313T89 Sheet 22 x 22 cm 0.45
4313T91 Sheet 30 x 30 cm 0.45
4313T93 Sheet 30 x 50 cm 0.45
4313T95 Roll 15 cm x 3 m 0.45
4313T97 Roll 20 cm x 3 m 0.45
4313T99 Roll 30 cm x 3 m 0.45

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