ZXDP-B series direct heating incubators offer an economical incubation method to a variety of microorganism cultures. As a standard feature, all incubators have a high-tech microprocessor controller that maintains accurate temperature control (PID) of the chamber in the range of ambient +5°C to 65°C.

With an accuracy of ±0.1°C, a user-friendly sealed control panel allows easy digital setting and fast readout of time and temperature as well as an alarm signal if there is a deviation from set point parameters.

The processor of our incubators can store up to 9 programs-18 steps-into a “non-volatile” memory.
Programs can be used for running multiple "ramp and soak" cycles up to 99 times. Of course the incubators can also be used as a constant (one) temperature incubator.

• P.I.D. microprocessor ensures the precision of temperature control under both fixed value mode and program mode.
• Fully programmable through the keyboard (9 programs/18 steps).
• Forced-air circulation provides uniformity of ±0.5°C @37°C
• Audible and visible alarm on over temperature.
• Password protection against unauthorized access to all settings.
• Non-volatile memory retains preset parameters after an accidental power interruption.
• Large LCD display for easy parameters setting and fast readout.
• Inner glass door provides complete visibility to the chamber

SEM Incubator
SEM Incubator door knob

Specifications for ZXDP-B Series Incubators

Model ZXDP-B2050 ZXDP-B2080 ZXDP-B2120 ZXDP-B2160 ZXDP-B2270
Old Model ZXDP-A2050B ZXDP-A2080B ZXDP-A2021B ZXDP-A2160B ZXDP-A2270B
Heat Mode Direct Heat (with gentle circulation)
Volume (L) 50 80 120 160 270
Temperature ambient +5 tp 65ºC
Temperature Accuracy ±0.1ºC
Temperature Uniformity ±0.5ºC@37ºC
Alarm Enabled
Timer 0-999 minutes
Setting Digital
Display LCD
Grid Included 2 (max 4) 2 (max 4) 2 (max 5) 2 (max 4) 2 (max 4)
Grid Size WxD (mm) 330x345 380x395 430x445 480x495 530x595
Distance Between Grids 80 100 110 130 160
Inner Dimensions WDH (mm) 350x350x410 400x400x500 450x450x600 500x500x650 600x550x820
Exterior Dimensions WDH (mm) 470x465x760 520x515x850 570x565x950 620x615x1000 720x665x1170
Packing Dimensions WDH (mm) 590x590x930 640x640x1020 690x690x1120 740x740x1170 840x840x1340
Net Weight (kg) 33/57 40/73 51/85 57/94 90/130
Power (W) 200 250 300 380 550
Electricity 220-240V 50/60Hz
Approval CE, ISO

Order Information

ZXDP-B2050 50L Direct Heat Incubator A+5-65 P9001 Grid Plate for ZXDP-B2050   S/S
ZXDP-B2080 80L Direct Heat Incubator A+5-65 P9002 Grid Plate for ZXDP-B2080,S/S
ZXDP-B2120 120L Direct Heat Incubator A+5-65 P9003 Grid Plate for ZXDP-B2120,S/S
ZXDP-B2160 160L Direct Heat Incubator A+5-65 P9004 Grid Plate for ZXDP-B2160,S/S
ZXDP-B2270 270L Direct Heat Incubator A+5-65 (9005 Grid Plate for ZXDP-B2270,S/S

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