Electronic Pipette aid

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    • With 8 selectable aspiration/dispensing speeds, as well as gravity dispensing, every application and preference Ergonomic - Lightweight
    • Robust
    • Allows Single handed operation. - Wide Range of sizes.
    • Suitable for use with pipettes from 0.1 – 100 mL volumetric.
    • Powerful and reliable
    • Fills a 100 mL pipette in moments. from 0.1 - 100 ml.
    • Replaceable internal filter protects against over aspiration.
    • High quality silicone nose cone is fully autoclavable.
    • Large LCD displays battery life and speed setting with low battery alert
  Catalogue No, 550.001.005 Electronic Pipette Filler Catalogue No. 550.001.022 Filter Replacement 0.45μm Filter (non sterile)

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