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An Australian owned and operated family business since 1966, Siltex Australia has excelled in the area of benchtop steam sterilizer manufacturing. In 2005, Siltex commenced importing European sterilizers to complement its range. In conjunction with our supplier.

we have further developed a quality range of sterilizers to meet all technical requirements and relevant approvals for the Australian market. After successfully integrating the new range across all industries,

Specialized cycles have been developed to meet the sterilization requirements across a broad range of professions, such as , Medical, Veterina. Laboratory.

The Melbourne-based Service Department is supported by a Labquip Technologies and authorized service agents throughout Australia. This enables prompt and efficient after-sales service and validation on Siltex and other brands of benchtop steam sterilizers Labquip and Our professional sales l team have extensive knowledge in all aspects of infection control and are conversant with latest industry standards.

Siltex Australia’s Biomedical Engineering Department provides support services to hospitals and health care facilities.

The management @ Labquip and Siltex believes that providing our customers with excellent service and superior products will maintain our competitive edge as a leading provider of benchtop steam sterilizers and services. Our priorities include: to always put the customers’ needs first; exceed the expectations of our customers and to provide the sterilizer industry’s highest level of product quality and service.

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